Solace for the Brokenhearted

My Story

For many years my professional career has been in the field of School Psychology. I have worked for school systems in Maryland and Delaware. Over the years I have been shaped by a large variety of experiences involving solving difficult problems, working with complex mental health issues and listening to sad stories. I have helped children and teens deal with losses – both large and small – which make life challenging. I have attended hundreds of professional workshops to learn about trauma and tragedy, complex learning problems and psychiatric disorders. But nothing prepared me – no textbook, no workshop, no personal experience – for Memorial Day, 2001.

On Memorial Day, 2001, my 26 year old son, Tony, died tragically and unexpectedly. Our family was left reeling in disbelief. I felt like my heart had been ripped from my body leaving a huge gaping hole. It was so difficult to wrap my mind around the fact that I would never see him or hear his voice again. It was – and still is – the most incredibly painful experience of my life. It was the beginning of a long spiritual journey which will go on until my last breath. I will always be a greiving mother.