Solace for the Brokenhearted


CONTINUING BONDS is a private practice bereavement counseling service to help grieving people. It is based on the latest contemproary thinking about grief work. Namely, that a broken heart does not mean a broken bond with the lost loved one.

We live in a society that urges us to quickly get over our loss and get back to normal. America has become a death-denying culture. We do not openly talk about dying but rather that something might happen to us. Our workplaces typically allow us three days for bereavement leave. It's as if we have the flu: we must take our medicine and get well. But we cannot hurry the grief process. Some losses are never healed, but remain forever buried in our hearts.

The truth is that we never really let go of our attachment to those we have deeply loved. We don't relinquish the emotional bonds. We don't recover or come to closure. We do understand that death ends a life but it does not end a relationship. Survivors hold the loved one in cherished memory, often forever. Devotion and affection do not end with a death.

The path to renewal involves telling your story to the post-loss world. You need to express your own unique grief reaction and find your coping strengths. CONTINUING BONDS offers a licensed therapist, specialized in bereavement, to be your honored companion and guide for your own spiritual journey.